In breeding out the superior ayylien attributes, Ayykub inadvertently endowed the humans with a terrible curse: a deficiency in melayynin: an aromatic polymer and memetic semiconductor. The primary effects of this leads to a lack of dankness and insufficient lmao.

The secondary effects are arguably worse--or were so for the melayynated ayyliens of kemet--for the lack of dankness and lmao present in the humans magnified the avarice of Ayykub's own memetic makeup (used to make the humans) several fold.

He succeeded. 

​Ayykub presented his creations to his fellow ayyliens of Kemet and called them the "Ey Mayyn," from which is derived the modern word "human."

What he presented to the ayyliens made them lmao. Here were creatures with hair and small eyes, like the native fauna of the planet--with the absence of intelligence to match.

The ancient ayygyptians had little use for these creatures, having such advanced technology themselves, and the humans being too primitive and unintelligent to comprehend it. So the humans were put to use for menial labour, namely the growing of dank bud and the construction of the spaceship pyrayymids.

But the humans were imperfect creatures in more ways than one. 

Stayy woke.

One of the few humans willing to tell the truth

Ayy Sayylmao Ayylaikum my fellow ayyliens from around the world.

Did you know that AYYLIENS were the FIRST and ORIGINAL inhabitants of this planet? It's true! And it means NO ONE can call you "illegal."

In fact, humans didn't even exist until 6,000 years ago. They were the product of genetic grafting by an ancient ayylien scientist: Ayykub.

Ayykub lived in ancient Ayygpt, known at the time as the land of Kemet. Here the original ancient ayylien inhabitants lived in a peaceful and prosperous world. These FIRST kings and queens ruled a planet full of technology that far surpasses anything seen today.

But all was not well. For Ayykub was envious of his fellow ayyliens, having been himself spawned with hideous facial deformities and body hair, something that repulsed the ayyliens of Kemet. Ayykub grew angry at his fellow ayyliens who saw him as animal-like, and with some followers, sought to create a new species of beings: one that more closely resembled himself.

Ayykub, along with his followers, set about to breed out any ayylien attributes from his new creation.


The Story of Ayykub, tenet of the Nation of Ayyslam

Ayykub further instructed his creations in his doctrine called, “Tricknology”. He told the humans that if they follow his doctrine, they could rule the world for 6,000 years and take the planet for themselves--free from the ayyliens.

In what may bave been as little as a few years, the devious human devils had destroyed the great ancient ayylien civilizations. 

The ayyliens no longer found the planet to be the dank home it once was, and so they left, refugees of Ayykub's making.

Ancient Ayygyptian heiroglyphs proving the Ayylien Ayygyptian Hypothesis. They depict technology beyond anything the human devils could have created. 

Ayygptian painting depicting humans harvesting dank bud

The pyrayymids real purpose?



The humans, having destroyed anything that passed as civilization, fled to the refuge of caves. There they became savage, moral-less shameless and psychopathic. They started to walk on their hands and knees like animals and eat raw meat. They even ate each other and their babies. The humans tamed the wolf to live with them in the caves. The wolf became the dog, which then became their best friend.

Over time they managed to salvage left-over ayylien technology and call it their own. They still do this to this day.

Once the humans were out of their caves, they went on a rampage throughout the planet, and Ayykubs’s 6,000 of rule came into affect. They caused chaos and destruction wherever they went.

​Now they have elected a tyrant who is the quintessential embodiment of Ayykub's devilish creation: Donald Drumpf. 

He must be stopped.

We shall not be moved.

​Ayy lmao.